Unity: The Strongest Weapon Against Hate

At Hispanics in Philanthropy we stand with our CHANGE partners in condemning the racist and violent events that unfolded last weekend in Charlottesville. This violence ended the life of a brave woman who was taking a stand against hate. We join the country in mourning the loss of Heather Heyer’s life. Our thoughts are also … Continued

Human Trafficking: What Can We Do About It?

By Jose Fermoso It’s not enough to read about a human trafficking story on a Facebook news feed, have it stream through your concerned consciousness for two seconds, and then forget it. If you really want to be a conscious member of a community where anyone can fall prey to this crime, then you must … Continued

Human Trafficking: Confronting the Ugly Truth

By Jose Fermoso Human trafficking often exists in the dark corridors of communities. But it’s also out in the open, where most people don’t recognize that it’s happening right before their eyes. The media usually highlights stereotypical cases—think of women sex slaves chained up in a basement—leaving many to think of trafficking as a small … Continued

Welcoming Ana Marie Argilagos as HIP’s New President

Hispanics in Philanthropy announced today that its board of trustees has unanimously chosen Ana Marie Argilagos as the organization’s president. Ana Marie, currently a senior advisor at the Ford Foundation, will succeed Diana Campoamor, HIP’s current president, on January 1, 2018. Ana Marie has dedicated her life to public service through a successful career that spans … Continued

When a Listening Tour Turns Into a Revival for the Rights of Women

Imagine standing on the swampy land next to the narrow Suchiate River on the Mexico-Guatemala border. It’s often hot, buggy, fortified with sandbags to hold up runoff beachhead and rocks, and the area is filled with people moving across the border: refugees crossing into the country on makeshift boats, merchants crossing to Mexico for goods, … Continued

Grantmaking for Young Latinas: Improving Outcomes by Addressing Feminine Norms

Rigid gender norms make young Latinas especially vulnerable in a range of areas, from increased suicide risk and intimate partner violence to lower educational achievement and unplanned pregnancy. And few funders address feminine norms in their grantmaking strategies, or else separate them from factors like race, class, and ethnicity. Watch HIP and TrueChild’s webinar for a … Continued

New Director Spotlight: Betsy Campbell

By Jose Fermoso No matter where she finds herself, Betsy Campbell always tries to help communities in need. As a young student at Georgetown in the early 1980s, while others established financial and political careers, she enrolled in the School of Foreign Service after spending a year teaching and traveling in Mexico to get the … Continued