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Thought Leadership

March 2017

Decades of research has found that when young women and men internalize rigid ideals of femininity and masculinity, they have markedly lower life outcomes in a cluster of related areas that include health, education,...

October 2016

Five years after Hispanics in Philanthropy (HIP) embarked on an initiative to identify opportunities and gaps in services for U.S. Latinos, it has tested programs in two states and found innovative strategies for...

April 2016

Hispanics currently account for nearly one in four school-age children in the United States. In the coming decades, Latinos will make up an increasingly large segment of the U.S. student population. Yet, there are still...

April 2016

In recognizing society's responsibility to assure a creative and capable leadership of the future and an unparalleled workforce to carry us forward, U.S. nonprofit funders and organizations have focused on reaching...

HIP in the News

#LatinosGive Shapes National Movement on #GivingTuesday

20161201 | Hispanic Network Magazine

"On #GivingTuesday participants can visit HIPGive’s microsites on HIPGive.org to search for #LatinosGive projects from a variety of countries and organizations. HIPGive.org is the first and only...

Lanzan iniciativa social latina para ayudar en financiación de proyectos

20161123 | El Punto

"La organización Hispanos en Filantropía (HIP) lanzó hoy #LatinosGive, “una competencia de micro financiación colectiva” que busca estimular la generosidad colectando donaciones para las...

#LatinosGive Shapes National Movement on #GivingTuesday

20161123 | Latino LA

"Crowdfunding platform seeks to advance Latino social impact projects during global day of giving."

Promueven iniciativa #LatinosGive alrededor del Día de Acción de Gracias

20161123 | Diario Las Americas

"La organización Hispanos en Filantropía (HIP), que tiene su sede principal en Oakland, California, lanzó #LatinosGive, "una competencia de micro financiación colectiva" que busca estimular la...

HIPGivers: Portraits of Latino Giving

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