#GOMujeres Crowdfunding masterclass

If you’ve already gone through the HIPGive basic training and know your way around a matching funds campaign, then you have the basics sussed. But crowdfunding is not just a science, it’s an art – there are a million ways to perfect the craft, creating a campaign that raises more money or hits multiple objectives.

If you’re setting your sights higher this March, this is the session for you. Drawing on research, insights and donor psychology, we’ll deep dive on the small details of crowdfunding that drive big results.

And because there’s nothing better than learning what works IRL, we’ll open the mics for an extended Q&A in which you can ask AND answer questions from your peers.

The webinar will last approximately 40 minutes with a Q&A session at the end. Even if you might not be able to attend live, please sign up and we’ll send you the materials afterward.

12 feb 2020 12:00 PM en Ciudad de México

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