Let’s Talk Liberating Philanthropy (Fireside Chat Part 2)

Fireside Chat Part 2 | Liberate Your Foundation: Lessons from POC, Queer, and Allied Foundation Leaders | Tuesday, February 4, 2020 – 3:00pm to 4:30pm PST


How was philanthropic wealth created in the first place? Who should lead foundations? Who gets to decide how wealth is distributed?  Philanthropy is undergoing a moment of reckoning, with many inside and outside the sector questioning the way that institutional cultures reinforce white supremacist norms that for too long have prevented us from having honest conversations. At the nexus of these conversations is the role of strategic communications–how do you speak honestly while at the same time offering learning opportunities for key stakeholders?  What are specific practices that shift power to communities to set policy, design programs, and make key decisions?

This is the second of two fireside chats that will dig into some hard truths about the challenges we face when we try to liberate philanthropy. This session is a conversation between POC, Queer, and allied foundation presidents and executive directors and is designed for all people, with a focus on POC, Queer, and female-presenting philanthropic professionals.

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