Hispanics in Philanthropy (HIP) is proud to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month! HIP has been a trusted voice and a resource for the Latinos in the United States and across Latin America. We’re addressing the serious challenges that our community is facing head on and we are ensuring that now, more than ever, our Latino nonprofits have the resources they need to continue the critical work they provide. This is who we are. We support. We build. All so that our community can soar.


HIP was born in out of a need to unite and advocate for Latinos in philanthropy. We’ve expanded our focus to include the persistent underfunding of Latino nonprofits in America. We created The Funders’ Collaborative for Strong Latino Communities with the goal of raising and disbursing funds to neighborhood nonprofits that represented next generation of leadership. A decade later, we’ve disbursed over $49 million to over 650 nonprofits in 18 sites. And, we continue to identify, lift up, and support emerging leaders.


Today, through our member institutions, our allies, and our donors, we reach a vast network of voices across the U.S., the Caribbean, and the Americas. We find ourselves in a pivotal moment that requires bold and courageous leadership from us, our partners in philanthropy, the nonprofits we support. We sit at a crossroads and a moment in time that doesn’t allow for us to remain neutral. Our history matters. Our voices matter. And, HIP matters.



This month, we will highlight and celebrate our voice, stories, experiences and our power!

The time is now and the power is ours.

Nuestro momento. Nuestro poder.


Families Belong Together


The family separation crisis at the border is one of the most profound humanitarian challenges of our time. Each day brings disturbing new revelations, new attempts to justify the administration’s actions, and fresh excuses for failing to correct these grievous wrongs.

On August 6 – 8, 2018, HIP led a delegation of some of our country’s most important philanthropic organizations—national foundations and local funders alike—to the U.S.-Mexico border in San Diego. Funders visited key immigration sites and heard from local experts and immigrant-serving organizations to learn about the dimensions of the crisis and guide their long-term funding strategies. Together, we’re working on creating opportunities to ensure that the transnational organizations that are responding to the crisis, are receiving the long-term funding they desperately need to continue their work.

You can help us by taking action and amplifying the call to action to your partners, funders, and followers. Here’s three ways to support:





#SomosHIP- Hispanic Heritage Month


As we celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month, we also celebrate the HIP staff who are making a difference in our communities through our passion and commitment to our work. This month, you’ll meet the incredible humans behind the work at HIP and what their hopes are for the Latinx community as we move forward collective to create a world that allows everyone to thrive.



#LatinosGive Campaign