Unlimited Potential

What has been the impact of COVID-19 in your local community?
¿Cuál ha sido el impacto de COVID-19 en tu comunidad?

As many communities across the United States the magnitude of the devastation of the coronavirus is not yet seen. As of now our community has suffered from loss of jobs, illness and loss of loved ones. People losing their homes, unable to afford medications and loss of business.


What have been the challenges in responding to the impact? What has been the greatest need in the community?
¿Que desafíos han enfrentado al responder al impacto de la pandemia? ¿Cuáles han sido las necesidades más urgentes de la comunidad?


As mentioned, the needs are many and trying to meet all of them is difficult; but the challenging part is to respond to the high number of individuals/families with so many needs. Before the pandemic, our community was considered a food desert, already the community was considered vulnerable because of poor nutrition. Once the pandemic hit the area, nutrition and access to nutritional produce became more of a challenge. 


How did your organization respond?
¿Cómo ha respondido tu organización?

Unlimited Potential worked with local farmers to purchase their produce and distribute to the community. Since March 2020 we have distributed approximately 50,000 pounds of produce to the community. In addition, we provide recipes and health education about the items included in the produce bag.


What has brought you the greatest joy in your work?
¿Qué parte del trabajo que hace tu organización te da la más felicidad?

Our joy comes from seeing the smile on someone’s face, or to see the generosity of others. Knowing today that individual and/or family will not be hungry.


What would you like people to know?

¿Que te gustaría que la gente sepa de tu trabajo?

It is a no end job. Every day is different, and circumstances are different, but the need is always there. Therefore, we focus on empowering individuals to advocate for themselves and their families. Our mission is to ignite unity, pride and dignity through education and advocacy.


How can the community support your efforts?
¿Que pueden hacer tu comunidad para apoyar tu trabajo?


As a non-profit organization we need funding and volunteers. Donations are always accepted, $10 can feed a family of 4 for one meal.